Kevin Webb (Spring Gully) guest speaker at Barossa Conference


Kevin is the CEO of spring Gully Foods having started in 1979.

The company was founded by Ted McKee and the initial production was at Ted’s home. The company has grown to the extent of producing 400.000 bottles of produce per week.


Most of us know about the near demise of spring gully, but Kevin is able to describe to the meeting what happened from an insider’s perspective.

The trouble started in 2011/12 with the major supermarkets deleting the Spring Gully range from their offer. Because of that loss of turnover the company was immediately in trouble.

From then on while in “administration” the firm struggled to get back to trading normally.

Kevin described some of the events in this long journey including personal health issues. Many people in business supported Spring Gully during their return, and with a restructure within the business and some rapid learning normal trading returned.

In December 2017 Spring Gully had finally repaid all it’s debts and is now back to being a successful South Australian company.

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